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Rich Flavours

Rich flavours give your bakery, confectionary, ice-cream and dairy that yum factor. Rich, creamy and brown yet in perfect balance that harmonises and complements the internal balance of your product. Whether it's served cold or hot straight from the oven, these flavours will deliver full aroma and expectation through to the last bite.

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Please Note: The majority of our flavours are available as liquid or powder.

Flavour Desc. Type Code
Butterscotch Typical dairy caramel notes Liquid 12247
Butterscotch Natural Fabtastic buttery caramel Liquid 10948
Caramel Buttery notes Liquid 11735
Caramel Caramellic Liquid 11925
Caramel Rich round dairy/toffee flavour Liquid 00162
Caramel Toffee and dairy notes Liquid 11582
Caramel, dark Rich brown flavour & colour Liquid 12402
Chocolate 'C' Dark, bitter Liquid 307/1
Cream Fresh single cream Powder 12446
Cream Fresh subtle singe-cream None 164/1
Cream Fresh cream Liquid 146/1
Maple Toffee,fudge notes, syrupy Liquid 11975
Toffee Caramellic, syrupy Liquid 11850
Toffee Caramellic & creamy Liquid 11367
Toffee Typical cooked toffee/fudge notes Liquid 12245
Toffee Natural Woderful fudge & vanilla notes Liquid 11967
Vanilla Creamy Liquid 10202
Vanilla Typical rich sweet Bourbon type Liquid 12246
Vanilla Cream Typical of vanilla cream fillings Liquid 12229
Vanilla Extract Rich Bourbon Liquid 00182
Vanilla Extract Rich Bourbon, high strength. Liquid 00239
Vanilla Extract Rich Bourbon, high strength. Liquid 12021
Vanilla French Creamy, sweet Liquid 001/1
Vanilla Natural Strong, buttery & brown Liquid 11969
Vanilla Natural Rich brown vanilla Liquid 11861
Vanilla Particulate Visual particulate with mild Bourbon vanilla aroma Powder 11943
Vanilla Powder Rich, round vanilla flavour Powder 12269

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