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Superfruit Flavours

Our Superfruits don't claim to do anything except to taste exactly like the best quality, freshest, most natural fruit flavour and aroma every time.Giving your confectionary, bakery, ice and dairy products a natural high and excite the taste-buds with zest and zing.

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Please Note: The majority of our flavours are available as liquid or powder.

Flavour Desc. Type Code
Blueberry Sweet juicy berry Liquid 11922
Blueberry Natural Delicious taste of sweet ripe blueberry 'superfruit'. Liquid 11622
Cranberry Natural Powder with juice and astringency typical of fresh cranberry 'superfruit'. Powder 12891
Cranberry Natural Beautifully balanced sweetness and astringency of ripe cranberry 'superfruit'. Liquid 12252
Pomegranate Natural Refreshing & subtle notes typical of fresh ripe pomegranate. Liquid 12659
Pomegranate Natural Powder flavour with refreshing notes typical of fresh pomegranate fruit & juice. Powder 12889
Guava Tropical, sweet, juicy Liquid 11751
Mango Typically tropical, fresh & juicy Liquid 12173
Mango Emulsion Typical of refreshing Mango Squash Liquid 12194
Passion Fruit Typically tropical sweet & juicy Liquid 12528
Passion Fruit Tropical, juice, pippy Liquid 11833
Peach Fleshy, juicy and balanced Liquid 052/1
Peach Typical peach juice Liquid 12404
Peach Natural Fresh & juicy Liquid 11946
Pineapple Emulsion Typical of refreshing Pineapple Squash Liquid 12236
Pineapple, canned Typical of canned fruit & UHT juice Liquid 12244
Pineapple, fresh Typical fresh juice flavour Liquid 12175
Watermelon Ripe & pulpy Liquid 09913

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