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Introduction to flavours

What is a flavour?

A flavour is a mixture compounded from natural and/or synthetic aromatic substances, designed to impart, modify enhance or mask odour and/or taste, used in or intended for use on foodstuffs and excludes substances which have exclusively a sweet, sour or salt taste.

What is a flavour used for?

Used primarily to impart/enhance the named flavour.
Replaces flavour where this has been lost as a result of harsh processing conditions.
Masks unpleasant tastes or odours.
Replaces or enhances expensive food ingredients, thereby reducing costs.

EU categories of flavouring

Natural "X" Flavouring - may only be used when the flavouring component has been obtained exclusively or by at least 95% w/w from the cited source, the other maximum 5% w/w must also be natural.

Natural "X" Flavouring with other natural flavourings - may only be used when the flavouring component has been partially derived from the cited source and the flavour source is easily recognisable.

Natural Flavouring - may only be used for flavourings where the flavouring part contains natural flavouring substances and/or flavouring preparations.

Flavouring - no distinction is made between nature-identical and artificial substances both of which are regarded as "Flavouring Substances".

Thermal Process Flavourings - a product obtained after heat treatment from a mixture of ingredients not necessarily having flavouring properties themselves(at least one nitrogen source and one reducing sugar)

Smoke flavourings - fractionation and purification of a condensed smoke.


Flavour Selector

  1. Introduction to flavours
  2. Selecting the right flavour

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